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I have partnered with HyperFocus ROI which is a full service marketing agency located in Coral Gables, Fl. They provide me with growth-focused marketing + media strategies, brand management, insights + analytics, digital creative + content, and public relations. They are truly a game changer when it comes to digitally marketing my listings across all platforms.

With over 10 years combined working at Facebook and other leading companies in the digital space, they’ve accrued the best approaches to market properties and execute lead generation campaigns.

Through their relationships with 3rd party data partners, they have access to multiple targeting segments that allow them to target people in market for home purchases as well as the sale of the respective home(s). They're also able to target via net worth and income level (something that you’re prohibited from doing within the Real Estate or Financial industries on most digital channels.) This targeting is NOT available to the majority of advertisers. Not only does this amount to a higher number of impressions on my listings, it also makes sure I am targeting the correct prospective buyers.

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